Are you looking to accelerate your progression and skills while addressing specific goals? Are there areas, such as balance, footwork, stroke technique, or maneuvering, that you would like extra help with? Do you prefer personalized attention and feedback that private lessons provide? Or are you looking for a refreshing approach to team-building or a fun group activities?
If your answer is YES, then this is the program for you!

Private Lessons:

  • We offer personalized, private coaching sessions for individuals and groups. If you’re looking to kickstart your SUP journey, refine your technique, or take your paddling to the next level, our private lessons provide the focused attention and customized instruction you need to succeed.
  • Elevate your SUP skills with our personalized private lessons tailored to your specific goals, abilities, and pace. You will receive one-on-one attention and guidance, allowing for personalized feedback and instruction. We work closely with you to develop a customized learning plan based on your goals, such as improving your balance and stability, refining your paddle stroke or footwork, or tackling more challenging conditions. Whether you prefer a single intensive session or a series of progressive lessons, our instructors will adapt to your schedule and pace, maximizing your learning experience and progression.
  • Not only are you building skills, our private lessons provide an opportunity for personal growth, confidence-building, and self-discovery on the water. Experience the excitement of mastering new skills, overcoming challenges, and embracing the freedom and serenity that paddleboarding offers, all under the expert guidance of our supportive instructors. We are here to motivate, inspire, and empower, come join us on the water!

Corporate Events:

  • We also offer corporate and team-building events. These events are unique, engaging and designed to foster teamwork, promote communication, and strengthen bonds between participants. Your experienced instructor will meet you at the waterfront providing an overview of activity, instruction, and safety guidelines. Following a brief introduction, teams are equipped with boards, paddles, and gear. Sessions begin with a warm-up and then participants embark on a series of challenges and activities tailored to encourage teamwork and problem-solving. Overall, these sessions offer a fun and memorable way for groups to bond and collaborate while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and the excitement of SUP. Book your event today and leave feeling energized, inspired and connected!

Rates and Packages:
Equipment is not included in pricing for private coaching packages. Rental equipment is available upon request at $25 per session. Corporate events include equipment; max 5 participants per session. Our sessions are first-come first-served, we will do our best to accommodate your dates.


Total: $40.00 From $40.00 /person